Is a mattress topper useful?

A topper makes absolute sense, because it not only ensures exceptional comfort, but also increases lying comfort. Another big advantage is that existing back pain can be minimized and a topper is even able to prevent it.

How often do I need to clean a mattress topper?

Just like a duvet, you should shake out your topper regularly. If you use a topper, you can also use a protector under your bed sheet. It is of course also possible for you to clean your topper. If you only find a spot or other impurity in one place, you can always save yourself a complete cleaning.

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is an overlay for mattresses that allows everyone to sleep comfortably. The lying comfort is increased and a much better hygiene is given. The topper is easy to use because it is simply placed on the existing mattress. The advantage here is that bodily fluids can no longer penetrate your mattress. You could also call the topper a protection for your mattress.

How high should a mattress topper be?

In order to ensure good comfort, your topper should be at least 5 cm thick. A particularly high lying comfort is important to us, which is why our toppers are all 7 cm high. You can find toppers about 3-5 cm thick on the market.

Who is a mattress topper suitable for?
Who is a mattress topper NOT suitable for?

A mattress topper is suitable for everyone, there are no differences. Only people who don't want to sleep in a cozy bed should do without a topper.

What does density mean for a mattress topper?

This is the fill weight, which is between 2000 and 2300 grams. A topper that has a lower filling weight is often of poor quality. Our fillings are something very special and therefore we are extremely proud of our quality.

What should I look out for when buying a mattress topper?
Your mattress topper should always have a very good filling. A comfortable sleep is very important and is noticeable in the long term.

With us you have the choice between a topper with a natural filling, which is of animal origin, but also a vegan filling.

Of course, you should also pay attention to the desired size and comfort. Do you want to use a standard topper or a higher quality product?
What is your best mattress topper?

We are proud of our "2in1 Luxury" topper. This consists of 100% down above and the lower part of feathers mixed with high-quality down. We have placed the greatest value on a particularly high filling density.

What material should a mattress topper be made of?

It is particularly important that the outer material is made of breathable cotton. The filling can be designed according to your wishes, either vegan or with natural feathers and down. Both variants are equally good, here it depends more on your preferences.

What exactly does a mattress topper do?

A mattress topper is colloquially known as a mattress topper. Such a topper can guarantee a cozy sleeping experience. The high level of comfort ensures a relaxed and comfortable sleep. Maybe you didn't know it yet, but in luxury hotels people resort to exactly these toppers.

Does a mattress topper help against back pain?

A high-quality topper is not only able to provide preventive protection against back pain, but also offers the possibility of minimizing existing back pain.

Which mattress topper is right for me?

Your wishes play a major role here. Which filling is more suitable for you, a vegan or a natural one. Would you rather have a cuddly topper in your bed or a harder model. If you are looking for a luxurious model, we can warmly recommend the "2in1 Luxury" topper.

For which mattresses are toppers suitable?

You can use a topper for any mattress. This would lose neither its degree of hardness nor its strength. A topper supports your lying comfort.

What is the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress protector?

Our cozy toppers offer you additional comfort. A conventional mattress protector is only used to protect your mattress.

Can I use the topper on my box spring bed?

Boxspring beds in most cases use a topper, precisely because of the high comfort of sleep. That's why, if you own a box spring bed, you shouldn't do without a topper. In addition, you save your mattress.


How and how often do I have to wash or clean and dry the duvet?

We recommend cleaning your duvet once a year. If there is a lot of dirt on it, you can of course clean the duvet again in the meantime.

How long does the down comforter last? When do I have to change them?

If you pay attention to the care instructions and follow them, you will enjoy your down comforter for many years.

Why do I need a down duvet?

Down comforters are known for having excellent heat regulation and being super light. Down comes from the lower plumage of geese and ducks and has a very pleasant structure. They warm and store body heat and air in the gaps. Furthermore, down insulates from the outside.

Is the down duvet suitable for winter? What degree of warmth is she?

We have down duvets for summer, winter and 4-season duvets.

Is it also suitable for summer? Not too warm?

You can also use our down comforters in summer, as we offer special down comforters especially for summer. This blanket is a bit thinner and offers you a comfortable climate even in warm temperatures.

What do I have to consider when buying a down comforter?

100% down is particularly cozy, but also very light. A vegan filling is a very soft duvet that behaves similarly to down, which is why it is often confused. Of course, you can also opt for a down mix, in which case the duvet contains 70% duck feathers. You should think about what season the blanket is for before you buy it.

Which duvet is suitable for me?

Just try our product configurator. This should be able to help you with your choice. Of course you can also contact us.

What is the difference between the winter duvet and the all-season duvet?

Both types of duvet are of particularly high quality, the only difference is that you can use our all-season duvet at any time of the year. It adapts perfectly to the given temperatures. It warms in winter and cools in summer. In the particularly hot months, you have the option of using the thin duvet separately. In autumn you use the thicker duvet and if it's particularly cold, you use both duvets together and it's particularly cozy and warm.

How does the principle of the all-season duvet work?

The advantage of our all-season duvet is that you can divide it according to your needs. Use the thinner duvet in the summer and both duvets together in the winter. So you have one or two blankets that you can use all year round. You can easily connect the two blankets with each other using the 6 existing buttons. Our all-season duvet is suitable for every season and creates a perfect feel-good atmosphere.

How do I clean my down/feather goods?

You should put as little down and feather goods as possible in your washing machine. If only one spot is dirty, you can only clean this one dirt separately and do not put your pillow or duvet in the washing machine separately. A complete cleaning is possible at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Also use mild detergent. You should definitely avoid using fabric softener and down and feathers don’t really like the spin cycle either. With the partial cleaning you can dry your down and feather goods perfectly with the hair dryer.


Do I need to fluff the pillow?

It is recommended to shake out the pillow at least once a week or as needed, so that the lying comfort is constant.

What pillow sizes are there?

We currently offer pillow sizes that meet international hotel standards, such as 50x70 cm, but we also have the classic German pillow size of 80x80 cm.

What are the pillows filled with?

Just look for the filling material in the respective product description, because our pillows are filled individually, so that there is the perfect filling for every taste.

What is the sleeping position?

Your sleeping position is the position you sleep in most of the night. You should adjust the filling of your pillow according to your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers should choose soft pillows, back sleepers medium-firm pillows and side sleepers should choose firm pillows. Visit our blog for more information on this.

What is a 3-chamber pillow?

Such a pillow offers you numerous advantages, because it is filled with feathers and down at the same time. It's a little firmer than other pillows and there's also a snuggly soft layer on this pillow. This layer consists of the finest European down. The 3-chamber pillow is basically a pillow within a pillow. The outer layer is 100% down. Such a pillow not only promises a restful sleep, but it can also be padded very easily. A particularly big advantage is that no more down can escape from the pillow. The cotton cover is responsible for this and thanks to the 300 thread count, this pillow is extremely robust and durable.

How do I clean my pillows?

You should definitely follow our care instructions, because feathers and down should not come into too much contact with water.

Should I use a protective cover?

A protective cover is always recommended, so you can be sure that your pillow will stay by your side for many years to come. You are thus extending the life of your pillow.

How long do the pillows last?

If you pay attention to the care instructions, then your pillow should remain your faithful companion for many years.

Which pillow is suitable for me?

There is no general answer to this question, but you can arrange a consultation appointment with us over the phone. You can also have your pillow personalized by us.

Which pillow should I use when changing my sleeping position?

In such a case, a back sleeper pillow is a good choice. This is a combination of stomach sleeper and side sleeper pillow. It is sparsely filled and yet it is exceptionally strong.

Which pillow size is best for me?

Here you can let your preferences run free. In the end it is important that you are satisfied with your choice and that you feel comfortable.