Wie Du das perfekte Kissen für Dich findest!

How to find the perfect pillow for you!

What types of loungers are there?

The stomach sleeper needs a thin pillow. A pillow that he can shape to his liking, as he generally holds it tightly in his arms. Thus, he sleeps partly on the pillow and partly on his arms. If we talk about down pillows, then the stomach sleeper should definitely use a soft pillow.

Side sleepers needs the highest and usually also the most filled pillow. This is due to the fact that the side sleeper must bridge the highest distance between the head and the mattress. Consequently, the whole width of the shoulder.

The back sleeper needs a pillow that is balanced in terms of thickness and firmness. He oscillates between a soft pillow for the stomach sleeper and a hard one for side sleepers.

Note individual differences

Everyone needs different levels of support from their pillow. Reasons for this are, for example, differences in shoulder width, spine position or head circumference. Therefore, a pillow for two people can be assigned to a different type of bed.

How do I choose the perfect pillow?

You can climb onto a perfectly padded mattress that molds to your body and snuggle under a fluffy duvet that wraps you in a warm cocoon... but if you don't have a comfortable pillow to wrap your head leaning on it, then your perfect sleep could be a thing of your dreams!
A pillow may seem like a simple purchase, but as it takes a lot of thought to come to a final decision on which pillow will help you sleep soundly at night you might need a little help. Here we walk you through each consideration step by step to help you find the perfect pillow for you.

Which filling should I choose?

In order to choose a filling for your pillow, you must first decide whether you would rather opt for a natural or synthetic fiber filling. In general, a natural fill is soft yet supportive for a variety of sleeping positions, while a synthetic fill is light, warm, and easier to wash and dry. Often a decisive factor will be allergy-dependent, but since all our fillings are not allergenic, you are not restricted in your choice.

What works best for my sleeping habits?

The way people sleep can limit pillow choices; if you sleep on your back you're looking for a medium fill pillow, if you sleep on your side you may want something firmer, and if you sleep on your stomach you may be looking for a softer fill.

At Nest, we don't want you to feel limited in any way. Buying bedding should be about customizing products to your needs to give you the most comfort and enjoyment possible. Therefore, you shouldn't feel limited in your choices. That's why you can buy all our fillings in medium, firm and soft.

According to our customer feedback, we have often experienced that softer pillows can often feel too sparse. Therefore, if you are a stomach sleeper, we recommend you to choose a natural filling, which is especially soft, or to choose a soft pillow from the range.

What size pillow do I need?

The size of your pillows is usually determined by the size of your mattress. Two standard pillows won't fill the width of a king-size bed, and two king-size pillows will overhang on a twin mattress, so this is usually an easy stage in the buying process .
We also offer a square pillow variant, just to give you a little more food for thought! Square pillows are very popular across Europe and many people are trying to bring this luxury home with them. As you can imagine, the square pillow offers a larger surface area and width for added comfort.
When making this decision, keep in mind the limitations you may encounter when it comes to choosing the right bedding. In most cases, standard-size pillows are even sold in king-size duvet sets, so research duvet sets with king and square pillowcases.

How easy are the cushions to care for?

You'll be using your pillow every day, and how easily you can clean it will be an important factor in your decision. After all, this is an investment that should last you for many years.
While there are some differences in how easy it is to clean pillows in our range, it all depends on the choice you make when filling the pillow, as synthetic materials are generally easier to clean than natural fillings.
While your pillow with natural filling can be washed and tumble dried, albeit on low heat, a synthetic filling is known to be not only easy to wash, but also easy to dry.