Mit einem Hotel Topper schläfst du auch zuhause wie im Urlaub

With a hotel topper, you can sleep at home like you're on vacation

A topper (also known as a mattress comfort pad) is familiar to most people from the comfortable hotel beds on holiday. But what actually is a topper and what makes such coveted and super comfortable hotel toppers so special?

If you own a box spring bed or bed with a slatted frame and are wondering whether a topper could be suitable for you, the following points will help you make a purchase decision.

  • Why are there toppers at all?
  • What should you look for in a hotel topper?
  • What are the advantages of a topper?
  • Conclusion


    Compared to the American version, the Scandinavian box spring bed has an extra layer on top of the mattress, which is called a topper. This can provide a higher level of sleeping comfort, as the topper can adjust your bedding behaviour to your body and personal needs. The main function of a topper is to relieve pressure during sleep. It optimises the body's ability to adapt, making it comfortable to lie on the bed.

    If you've ever asked yourself why hotel beds are so comfortable, the answer is the comfortable hotel topper, which is the top layer on a hotel mattress that creates that incredible feeling of luxury.

    An essential point that makes a hotel topper so unique is the difference to a pure hotel mattress topper. These are mainly used to support the hygiene or temperature regulation of the bed and are interesting when there is talk of a better bed climate and thus an anti-allergic environment. However, there are some mattress toppers that can also improve comfort due to their high filling.


    The right material:

    There are different materials when choosing a topper. The usual material of the Hotel Topper typically consists of visco, comfort and cold foam, as this is particularly cheap.
    However, a topper in hotel quality filled with feathers and down or an alternative synthetic fiber filling offers significantly more comfort. However, these are usually significantly more expensive and are therefore only used in corresponding luxury hotels.

    The correct height:

    The common hotel topper is a relatively flat topper, only four to ten centimeters high. In order to ensure the greatest comfort, the topper must be able to perform its support function, for which the topper height is of great importance. Toppers that are less than 6cm high will sag in a shorter time, which is why a minimum height of approx. 6cm is advantageous. For optimal lying comfort, a topper should be at least 6-8 cm high, especially for people with a rather strong build.

    The correct reference:

    Just like the cover on a hotel topper, the ideal topper should have a cover that can be easily removed so that it can be cleaned regularly and is therefore always hygienically fresh remains.
    Therefore, a protective cover between the bed sheet and topper is usually recommended


    Since a topper can be seen as an additional unit on top of the mattress of standard hotel beds, a hotel topper is basically like a second, even softer, mattress, which ensures even more softness and elasticity. A good-quality hotel topper therefore helps to regulate the sleeping climate and wicks away the moisture produced during sleep.

    Toppers are particularly suitable for creating a large sleeping/lying area. This can also be seen when visiting hotels, since double beds here often consist of two single beds or single mattresses, which are then covered by a Hotel Topper in order to close the gap between the mattresses .

    In addition to the hygiene and comfort benefits already mentioned, a topper helps to protect the mattress from wear and tear.


    The story of the topper is inevitably linked to the box spring bed mentioned at the beginning, and is intended as the top "second layer" on a mattress for even more comfort. Of course, a pleasant lying feeling can also be created without a box spring bed. The only important thing is that you also have a quality mattress to sleep on. A pocket spring mattress in combination with a high-quality topper is highly recommended to enjoy an unforgettable sleeping experience like on a hotel topper. The topper can also be used with other mattresses. It is therefore not the only reason for the comfort of the bed, but in most cases it can offer a considerable increase in lying and sleeping comfort.