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Back pain and pillows – With these pillows you can prevent back problems

There are many reasons for the occurrence of back pain. One of the main reasons is an incorrect pillow. After all, the average German spends about seven hours in bed. Of course, spending seven hours in an uncomfortable position is extremely damaging to your back. Here you can find out why an unsuitable pillow can lead to back pain - and which pillows you can use to do your back some good.

Stress, the wrong pillow and other reasons for back pain

There are a variety of reasons that can lead to back problems. These include, among other things, too little exercise during the day. If you spend most of the day on a chair, then this has negative effects on your health - and also on your back.

Back pain can also have psychological causes. Mental stress – caused e.g. B. through work or family problems - can make itself felt in the body. In some people this is reflected in the back, in others as tension in the neck, shortness of breath or even stomach problems.

Above all, the wrong pillow can lead to back pain. After all, you spend several hours in your bed every day – or better: every night. If you sleep in an unhealthy, unnatural position, it will take its toll the next morning. The right pillow is therefore very important for a good and healthy sleep.

The best pillows against back pain

Before you decide on a pillow, you should know about your sleeping habits. There are people who prefer to sleep on their backs, others on their stomachs or sides. Accordingly, there are also pillows that were specially developed for back, stomach and side sleepers. They adapt to the sleeping behavior of the person and thus ensure the optimal base for the head and neck. This also affects the back. After all, the neck and back muscles are connected. When your neck hurts, your back doesn't feel good either.


This is a list of the best pillows for back sleepers. They usually have a medium filling density and are neither too hard nor very soft. If you prefer to sleep on your back - and if you suffer from back pain - then give one of these pillows a try. It is quite possible that your symptoms will ease after a short time or even disappear completely!

Vegan down pillow for back sleepers

This pillow, specially designed for back sleepers, does not use any animal products such as down or similar. Instead, high-quality microfibers are used. These high-tech filling fibers give the pillow its shape - and also maintain it. The pillow has a medium filling density and a cover that is made of 100% high-quality cotton.

If you sleep on your back, you need a pillow that gives your head and neck enough support. It needs to be stable and supportive, but without being too rigid or hard. This vegan back sleeper pillow meets these requirements perfectly - and is therefore one of the best pillows for people who suffer from back pain.

Duck down back sleeper pillow

This pillow uses a mixture of 70% duck feathers and 30% down for its filling. Both materials are of the highest quality and thus guarantee maximum comfort - especially for back sleepers.Because this back sleeper pillow serves as a comfortable support for the neck and head By the way: This pillow is filled by hand in Europe and meets the highest hygiene and quality standards. It is also very suitable for allergy sufferers and is This makes it the perfect pillow for all back sleepers. With this pillow, back pain caused by improper sleep will be a thing of the past.


Stomach sleepers usually need a rather thin pillow. In addition, it should be soft. Stomach sleeper pillows usually consist of a high proportion of down (80% to 100%). It is often said that sleeping on your stomach is unhealthy. This can result in back and neck pain. But with the right pillow, stomach sleepers can also enjoy a healthy, comfortable sleep.

100% goose down stomach sleeper pillow

The filling of this luxurious stomach sleeper pillow consists of 100% Hungarian goose down - a very high quality material. It is processed by hand to create a pillow that turns every night into a time of maximum rest and relaxation - especially for people who sleep mostly on their stomachs. The pillow is soft and quite thin. It has a fill power of 190mm / 30g. The filling power is thus classified as “excellent”. And you feel this luxury too - every night and every morning.

Duck down stomach sleeper pillow

Pure cosiness! 70% duck feather and 30% down filling make this stomach sleeper pillow an extremely comfortable pillow. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach and suffer from neck tension or back pain, then this duck down pillow is just right for you! It is beautifully soft and is also ideal for dust mite allergy sufferers.


Side sleeper pillows are characterized by their height and hardness. People who prefer to sleep on their side need a high pillow that fills the space between their head and the mattress. A down filling of 70% or more is recommended for pillows for side sleepers.

100% goose down 3 chamber pillow

A truly luxurious pillow! An outer layer of goose down encloses the core of the pillow, which consists of 85% white duck feathers and 15% white duck down. The down quality is classified as "excellent" at 190mm / 30g and promises maximum restful sleep. And while this luxury pillow is particularly suitable for side sleepers, stomach and back sleepers will also fall in love with the comfort of this 3-chamber pillow!

Conclusion: The best pillows for people with
back problems

The pillows presented in this article prevent back pain, neck tension and other complaints. The materials used are of very high quality. They are carefully processed by hand and guarantee a luxurious and extremely restful sleep. And this is exactly our mission and the promise of The Nest Company: luxury bedding for everyone!

If you are still looking for the perfect pillow - a pillow that is tailored to your needs and habits - then our pillow guide is for you. There you will learn how to find the perfect pillow for you, what types of sleep there are and why pillow size and filling materials play a big role in choosing the perfect pillow..