Hotelbett kaufen? Wie du jedes Bett in ein Hotelbett verwandelst

Buy a hotel bed? How to turn any bed into a hotel bed

Since many of us didn't go on vacation this summer, we thought we'd give you some top tips on how to turn your bed into a hotel bed, including the secret why luxury hotel beds are so incredibly comfortable.

Whether it's a Sofitel, Hilton or Marriott, slipping into a luxurious hotel bed with fluffy pillows, silky linens and a cloud-like duvet is one of the best parts of vacationing.

But why wait or buy a hotel bed!?

Create your own luxury hotel bed at home and feel like you're on vacation every night !

The basic equipment for your own hotel bed:

  1. All white (hotel) bed linen
  2. Egyptian cotton sheets
  3. Flat sheets - tucked into tensioners
  4. Fluffy down or down alternative duvet
  5. Plenty of pillows in hotel quality
  6. A hotel topper as a mattress topper
  7. The secret of wrinkle-free bed linen
  8. Final finishing touches


Exudes a modern coolness like a hotel bed with pristine white linens. White bedding creates a fresh, soothing feeling and always looks newer than old. Use warmer colors on bed headboards, throws and pillows to balance the coolness of the white color and make your bedroom look cozy and luxurious.


High quality hotel bed sheets are almost always made from Egyptian cotton. Why? This long-staple cotton creates a luxurious fabric that is strong, lightweight, supple, breathable and durable. Plus, it gets softer with every wash! All the essentials for hotel quality sheets.

How to care for your hotel-quality sheets:

  • Change and wash your sheets once a week.
  • If possible, dry your sheets outside. Or use wool dryer balls to minimize wrinkles when tumble drying.
  • Hotels iron linens with a roller iron. At home, it is best to fold the sheets and duvet covers in half and iron one side and then the other side.


Hotels do not use fitted sheets. Instead, they use two flat sheets because it's easier to iron a flat sheet and then pull it over the mattress without any wrinkles.

The bottom flat sheet is often larger than the top. Both sheets are stretched around the mattress with the help of tensioners.

How to tuck your sheets in like a hotelier:

  • Lay both sheets flat on the mattress, making sure the top sheet is upside down so that when you fold it, the right side of the sheet is showing.
  • Tuck in both the sheets on the sides and end of your bed and let the corners hang out.
  • Lift and tuck the edge of the sheets at a 45 degree angle to your mattress. Then tuck both sheets together under your mattress.


A hotel quality down comforter makes for the fluffiest, softest, most insulated comforter around. This is what all top hotels use. If this is not an option for you, then an alternative down duvet in hotel quality is another option.Make sure your duvet has a coffered construction so the filling is evenly distributed and doesn't sink down to the duvet foot

How to put your duvet inside your white Egyptian cotton duvet cover:

  • Shake your duvet well to fluff up the down.
  • Put your duvet cover on the bed.
  • Grab a top corner of the duvet and place it in the top inside corner of the duvet cover. Then do the same with the other corner.
  • Pull the cover down a little and then hold the top two corners of the duvet cover and duvet together and shake them well.
  • Put your duvet on the bed so that it is 5 cm away from your bed headboard, and then smooth out any wrinkles.


Hotels often have a variety of pillows both on the bed and in the closet. You should especially have two larger ones (80cm x 80cm) filled with fluffy, hotel-quality goose down. For a king size bed you can use up to 4-5 pillows. Two of the pillows should be placed upright against your bed headboard.

How to make your hotel pillows so flat that they stand up:

  • Place your hands in the middle and then slowly push both sides outwards in opposite directions until your pillow is half the thickness it was at the beginning.
  • Take the top two corners of your pillowcase and place the pillow next to the headboard.
  • Stack your other pillows against this base pad.


Is a new mattress due? No, not necessarily!
Ever thought about a topper in hotel quality? A good mattress topper provides softness, warmth and support. Close your eyes, sink into your mattress pad and you will be able to imagine that you are on vacation in this luxury hotel!


How do hotels get this flawless, wrinkle-free look? The secret is simple and something any of us can easily do at home. All you need is a spray bottle filled with tap water. Diffuse a light mist over your sheets or duvet cover. Wait a minute, then gently shake or flatten your linens until the wrinkles go away.


Add some color to balance your white bedding. Give your bedroom a whole new look with a colored or patterned upholstered headboard. Add a gorgeous alpaca or merino wool throw and some decorative pillows to really complete the luxurious hotel effect.

Light your lavender-scented natural candle and relax on your luxurious bed just like in a hotel bed.