Besser schlafen in warmen Sommernächten

Sleep better on warm summer nights

"I can't sleep because I'm hot!" Surely you've said this sentence before (or more often). Everyone longs for summer. But once it is there, the warm temperatures often affect the quality of sleep. Sleeping in the heat is difficult for most people. This is because your body temperature naturally drops a little when you sleep. If the environment is too warm, the body interprets this as a signal to stay awake. The result: You toss and turn in bed tired and sleepless. However, there are a few measures that can make it easier for you to sleep in the heat. In the following, we want to take a closer look at what these are and why the choice of the right duvet plays a decisive role.

I can't sleep because I'm hot: How to gently remedy the situation

According to experts, the temperature in the bedroom should be around 18 degrees Celsius. However, if you live in an old building attic apartment, you can only dream of such cool temperatures in midsummer. If you don't have air conditioning, you should make sure that as little heat as possible gets into the bedroom during the day. That means: Darken all windows and keep them closed. Don't make the mistake of ventilating during the day to supposedly let in fresh air. In summer, only warm air comes in, which then accumulates. Ventilate either early in the morning when it is not that warm yet, or alternatively in the evening just before going to bed.

Another tip to help you sleep in the heat is to take a lukewarm shower just before going to bed. Even if a cold shower seems more tempting in summer temperatures, you should avoid it. Your body has an internal thermometer. If you take a shower that is too cold, your body's heat production will increase. The result: you sweat even more than before. A lukewarm shower, on the other hand, opens the pores of your skin so that excess heat can escape. The same advice applies to your choice of drinks. Prefer lukewarm water or slightly cooled tea. After drinking cold drinks, your body will produce more heat. In southern countries, this is generally the case.

If you are still too warm to sleep, a tried and tested household remedy can help. Calf wraps were already tried and tested in grandmother's time. They not only help with fever, but also cool down a body overheated by summer heat. In order for them to have the desired effect, they must be positioned correctly. When they slip, they feel uncomfortable. To make proper calf wraps, you need three cloths per leg:
1. inner cloth (e.g. made of linen). Important: The inner cloth must be large enough to wrap it completely around the lower leg - from the hollow of the knee to the ankle.

2. Cotton intermediate cloth (slightly larger than the inner cloth)

3. Outer cloth (e.g. Molton)
Dip the inner cloth in lukewarm water, wring it out thoroughly and then wrap it around your lower leg. Caution: It should no longer drip. Then you wrap the cotton cloth over it. This acts as a kind of dry intermediate layer. Finally, the outer cloth follows. This serves as an insulating layer so that no moisture penetrates into the mattress. To be on the safe side, it is still advisable to put a towel under your lower legs.

Do you find calf wraps uncomfortable? Alternatively, take a hot water bottle filled with cold water to bed with you.
Your evening routine on warm summer nights could look like this:
1. Ventilate the bedroom once the air outside has cooled down. If you like, you can leave the window open overnight.

2. Take a lukewarm shower.

3. Drink a large mug of lukewarm tea (preferably with ingredients such as lemon balm or valerian that promote sleep).

4. Make cool calf wraps.

5. Bed yourself under a summer blanket ultra thin.
In addition, it is advisable to remove all heat sources from the bedroom. This means all electronic devices. Even if it's difficult: The TV has no place in the bedroom. The same applies to mobile phones and laptops. If you don't want to do without the electronic equipment, then at least switch it off completely. Otherwise they constantly give off heat. Of course, this is not desirable given the already summery temperatures.

Sleep better with an ultra-light summer duvet

When the temperatures rise, it's time to swap your winter duvet for a summer duvet. Ideally, you have already used a transition blanket in the spring. Your body struggles enough to regulate the higher temperatures. Don't make it difficult for him by sleeping under a thick down comforter. You hereby boycott all measures presented above. Summer duvets are usually much thinner and also filled with cooling materials. Unlike winter blankets, they do not retain heat.

In this context, we would like to recommend our ultra-light piqué blankets for hot and humid summer nights . These are made from 100% high quality cotton and are not filled. You will never be too warm to sleep under this blanket. This even applies to tropical nights with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. The blanket feels light as a feather and handy. You can also choose between three summery colors.
A real insider tip for sleeping comfortably in the heat.