Die besten Bettdecken – Sommerbettdecken, Winterbettdecken und mehr

The best duvets - summer duvets, winter duvets and more

Your sleep is only as restful as the bed and duvet are comfortable. Everyone needs a duvet. As a result, there is an incredibly diverse range of duvets. But which are the best duvets – and why? This duvet comparison of the best duvets will help you find the perfect model for you - and enjoy deep regeneration every night.

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When buying a new duvet, it can quickly happen that you feel overwhelmed by the almost endless supply. But the truth is, most of the duvets available are anything but comfortable. The often cheap and poorly made duvets keep you warm, but you don't get a restful sleep. Fortunately, however, there are numerous duvets that guarantee luxury and comfort. While these duvets can be a little more expensive, it's an investment well worth it.


What are the best duvets for you? Which brands should you shortlist, what features do you need to look out for when buying a new duvet? Stiftung Warentest, which has tested the best duvets, provides answers to these questions. Stiftung Warentest has been checking the quality of all possible goods and services since 1964, impartially and reliably.

In the large duvet comparison by Stiftung Warentest (published in 2019), 14 different duvets were examined more closely. They have been examined for the quality of the materials used, as well as for comfort and sleeping properties and durability.

A camel hair duvet from the Billerbeck brand deserves a special mention. It received a rating of "good" (2.4). The filling is 100% camel hair while the cover is made of cotton. The sleep quality of this product was rated at 2.3, making it the sole leader in this category. The clinging behavior is particularly noteworthy.

Another well-rated duvet comes from Lidl. According to Stiftung Warentest, this blanket is particularly suitable for people who freeze easily. The synthetic material convinces with a good durability (2.0) and the fact that it is easy to clean in the washing machine.

The duvets from The Nest Company have not been tested by the Stiftung Warentest, but they promise an incomparably high level of comfort due to their very good properties. Above all, the high fill power of the blankets and the excellent quality of the down should be positively emphasized.


Of course there are far more duvets than just those that have been examined and awarded by the Stiftung Warentest. Also, different seasons require different duvets. After all, you don't wear the same clothes in summer that otherwise protect you from sub-zero temperatures.

Summer duvets are characterized by being light and breathable. In addition, the perfect summer duvet should be able to wick away moisture (which is caused by sweating) and have as little heat retention as possible. Most summer duvets use down as a filling material.Down duvets are very light and have a moisture-regulating effect. Synthetic fibers are also ideal for summer. The cover or cover of summer duvets is usually made of cotton. This promises a high degree of comfort and is ideal for people who sweat a lot.


Vegan down summer duvet:

The cover of this duvet is made of 100% cotton and thus promises an extremely pleasant feeling. Aerelle® Blue is used for the filling: polyester fibers that are recycled from old plastic through a careful process. The vegan down summer duvet belongs to heat class 2 and is therefore ideal for summer.

85% goose down summer duvet:

85% goose feather and 15% down filling - this is the secret of this very cozy summer duvet. The cover is made entirely of cotton. This duvet for the summer (also heat class 2) can be used by allergy sufferers without hesitation. The high loft of the duvet ensures a very pleasant sleep. Try this blanket and convince yourself of its high quality.

100% goose down summer duvet:

The filling consists of 100% Hungarian down and thus guarantees - especially in the warm months - a sleeping feeling of incomparable comfort. The 300 fine threads per square centimeter guarantee a soft, comfortable feeling for the whole body. One of the best summer duvets out there, this duvet will transform your bedroom into a place of luxurious rest.


In winter, when temperatures plummet and you spend a lot of time at home (and in bed), it's very important to have a warm, cozy duvet. Winter duvets are thicker than those for summer and focus on a high level of warmth retention.

100% goose down winter duvet:

Warmth class 4, down class 1, 100% Hungarian snow-white goose down - these key data promise a cozy and comfortable sleep. And this promise is kept. The winter duvet is made in Europe and can be used by allergy sufferers. The quality of the down is another plus point. The filling power of approx. 190mm / 30g is classified as "excellent" and gives the winter quilt a high degree of comfort. With this high-quality product, the winter season becomes a period of regeneration and cosiness.

Vegan down winter duvet:

This duvet is very suitable for winter. It is 100% vegan and only uses recycled material for the filling. The hypoallergenic and eco-friendly microfibers will keep you warm and cozy during the cold months without being overwhelming. This winter quilt is assigned to heat class 4.


If you sweat a lot, you need a duvet that is breathable and moisture-regulating. These include the following duvet:

85% goose down 4-season duvet:

Not only is it one of the best duvets for the whole year, but it is also very suitable for people who sweat a lot. This is partly due to the materials used for the filling and casing.The goose down is warming and acts to regulate moisture, the cotton cover (300 thread count) is breathable - and incredibly comfortable!


A hotel stay can quickly turn into a disaster if the bed and blankets are uncomfortable Conversely, many people rave about the restful sleep they get in hotels with high-quality beds and blankets.
With these duvets, every night turns into a luxurious sleeping experience and your bedroom into a 5-star hotel.

100% goose down 4 season duvet:

More softness is impossible: 300 threads per square centimeter, 100% high-quality Hungarian goose down with a fill power of 190mm (on a scale up to 200mm) and a cotton cover that will enchant you. Warning: This duvet is so cozy it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning!


The wide range of duvets does not have to overwhelm you - quite the opposite. The variety of the offer allows you to find and buy the most suitable duvet for your preferences. With something for every budget and taste in this list of the best duvets, you'll find what you're looking for. As with almost all household goods, the following guiding principle applies to duvets: Quality pays off. Above all, the high down quality and fill power of the duvets mentioned here is as good as unrivaled. It is one of the most important points when buying a new duvet. So invest in a good duvet and enjoy its cozy comfort and warmth every night.