5 Fakten über unsere veganen Daunen

5 facts about our vegan down


Our vegan down is produced by our innovative German partner Advansa and independently tested for quality and durability. Depending on the required product properties, we have chosen the fillings Dacron Comforel Eco, Aerelle Softflex or Aerelle Blue, all of which meet our strict quality specifications.


Sustainability is our top priority. That's why we consciously obtain our vegan down from one of the most sustainable fiber productions, which has a CO2 balance that is up to 80% lower than that of conventional production.

Animal welfare

Anyone who does not want to support any animal products for ethical reasons has found the perfect alternative with our vegan down. They are 100% animal-free and thus set an example against the factory farming of birds and for animal welfare.

Sense of authenticity

Vegan down is particularly safe and breathable compared to natural down, but feels so real that many don't even notice the difference! So you can enjoy the feeling of soft down and sleep all the more peacefully thanks to a clear conscience.


We only use vegan down from our trusted partner Advansa. Therefore, our products have an individually numbered label, which ensures full traceability and transparency of the vegan down.


Our vegan filling materials have been awarded by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. as particularly back-friendly and are also OekoTex Standard 100, certified with the ECO2 and the EU environmental label.